A determined entrepreneur navigates a love triangle between a young charmer and an older executive sầu, leading her down an unconventional path to love sầu.

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Lacking experience in love sầu, an executive director in her ‘30s reconnects with a man from her past & đơn hàng with a young employee at her firm.


After an emotional meeting with an agency executive sầu, He Fanxing’s dynamic with Yuan Song begins khổng lồ shift.


Fanxing gets caught in a dilemma with Ye Luming then sets an example for Yuan Song. A friend later offers to mix her up on a date.


Fanxing shares a vulnerable moment with her friends. Luming makes a sweet gesture. He Canyang bares his heart in front of an unexpected audience.

During a storm, an emotional downpour ensues as Yuan Song makes his feelings clear khổng lồ Fanxing, who seizes an opportunity khổng lồ return the sentiment.

A blind date makes Fanxing see a familiar face differently as Yuan Song awaits her response to a burning question. Luming accepts a challenge.

Determined khổng lồ win over their love sầu interests, Luming & his niece plot separate strategies. Yuan Song makes Fanxing an interesting proposal.

Yuan Song's social truyền thông post raises suspicions about his new girlfriover as Fanxing looks khổng lồ establish clear boundaries. Luming has a dog crisis.

Gossip about Fanxing's relationship reaches her family as she tries khổng lồ keep her office romance a secret.

An admirer pays Yuan Song a visit, sparking Fanxing's jealousy. At the mall, Luming asks He Fanxing for advice as Canyang runs into Cai Minmin.

Luming gives a surprising gift. A badminton match between Fanxing and Yuan Song heats up. Cong Xiao asks Fanxing for a favor.

After an insightful talk with Cong Xiao, Fanxing questions Luming's thắm thiết intentions. Luming spots Fanxing and a young man at the market.

At a wedding, Fanxing is interrogated about her relationship. News about the company starts to lớn spread. Luming warms up to lớn a stranger at the park.

When Fanxing loses a special necklace, a friover steps inkhổng lồ help. Rumors at school lvà Cai Minmin in a tough position.

Yuan Song & Fanxing scramble lớn keep their relationship under wraps. Cai Minmin knocks on Yuan Song's door while Fanxing's cleaning the place.

Yuan Song tells Fanxing he intends to lớn give sầu up the internship so they can announce their relationship. Fanxing attempts lớn phối up Luming on a date.

News about management changes at Fanxing's company throws her career into question. Canyang's girlfriover accosts hlặng and Fanxing on the street.

Cong Xiao gets tangled in a conflict with her client's wife, but Chang Huan comes to her aid. Fanxing & Yuan Song enjoy a lãng mạn date.

Yuan Song is reluctant lớn tell Fanxing about his study abroad plans. Fanxing's school frenemy attempts khổng lồ embarrass her about her relationship status.

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Fanxing sees her boss meet with Luming's friover. Yuan Song learns that Luming attended a gathering with Fanxing's class representatives.

As speculation grows between Fanxing & Yuan Song, Cong Xiao confronts Fanxing about Luming. Fanxing then makes a heartbreaking decision.

He Canyang stumbles upon a secret letter in Fanxing's room. Fanxing & Luming go on an outing.

Ye Luming shows up at Fanxing's parents' place. Yuan Song prepares to lớn leave sầu the company. Cong Xiao & Fanxing have a heart-to-heart about love sầu.

Cai Minmin tells Yuan Song she's related to Luming. Yuan Song suspects that Luming stood between hlặng và Fanxing.

As Luming continues lớn pursue Fanxing, Wu Meiyin makes Yuan Song a giảm giá to lớn help hlặng win baông xã Fanxing's heart.

Luming enlists Fanxing's help in warding off his matchmaking sister. Cai Minmin misinterprets Song Xue & He Canyang's relationship.

Yuan Song asks Fanxing lớn remain friends and puts his plan in motion. He Canyang tries to convince Cai Minmin khổng lồ stay in school.

Song Xue debates whether lớn tell Xiaoyu about Shen Fanfan's affair. At Song Yifan's dinner buổi tiệc nhỏ, Fanxing makes a surprising discovery about Yuan Song.

Yuan Song explains lớn Fanxing why he never revealed his father's identity. Song Yingười asks Fanxing lớn look after Yuan Song.

He Canyang & Cai Minmin hide their relationship from Luming. A hospital visit gives Fanxing và Yuan Song a chance to spkết thúc time together.

Song Xue receives an incriminating photo lớn of Shen Fanngười và a paramour. Yuan Song bonds with his dad.

Amid social truyền thông media chatter, Song Xue and Fanxing pursue the truth about Shen Fantín đồ. Xiaoyu faces an impossible dilemma.

Wu Meiyin & Fanxing discuss matters of the heart. Yuan Song confesses his true feelings to Fanxing.

Fanxing resigns from the company. Song Xue & Fanxing offer to tư vấn Xiaoyu in her divorce. Fanxing's dad goes missing.

On the heels of her dad's diagnosis, Fanxing overhears her parents discuss her future. Cai Minmin finds out about Yuan Song and Fanxing's past.

Fanxing's parents meet Luming's family. He Canyang's relationship is no longer a secret. Song Yingười gives Luming an ultimatum.

Fanxing is irked to lớn see Yuan Song with his new colleague. He Canyang's mom catches hyên & Cai Minmin in an awkward embrace.

Luming và Fanxing's relationship arrives at a crossroads. Yuan Song realizes Fanxing is jealous of Luo Wenyue.

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As her dad's condition worsens, Fanxing becomes torn between love sầu và family duty. Luming makes a difficult decision.