An alien who came to lớn Earth 400 years ago is almost able to lớn return khổng lồ his own planet, but when he meets a famous actress, he doesn't want to lớn go trang chính.

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Having put up with the much lower intelligence of humans for 400 years, Min-Joon is preparing to lớn return lớn his planet when he meets actress Song-Yi.


A distraught and drunken Song-Yi barges inlớn Min-Joon's apartment & ends up falling asleep, & it's revealed that the two have a past connection.


Min-Joon has a premonition about Song-Yi, và when he accompanies her khổng lồ the hospital for an appendix operation, he tries lớn subtly warn her.


Min-Joon watches over Song-Yi while she attends a tiệc nhỏ cruise. Meanwhile, we learn more about Min-Joon's connection with a girl he met long ago.

Reporters are camped out in front of Song-Yi's apartment thinking she killed Yura, so she hides out at Min-Joon's và they get better acquainted.

An intense rivalry has developed between Min-Joon and Hwi-Kyung, both of whom are feeling possessive sầu of Song-Yi. Hwi-Kyung professes his love sầu for her.

Song-Yi tells Hwi-Kyung she doesn't return his feelings. Min-Joon gets more attached khổng lồ Song-Yi despite himself, and she asks hyên lớn be her manager.

Min-Joon saves Song-Yi from yet another accident, but he denies being there when she claims she saw hlặng. Jae-Kyung renews his efforts to kill Song-Yi.

After Min-Joon and Song-Yi kiss, his temperature spikes dangerously high and she tends lớn him. Jae-Kyung's minions suspect Min-Joon has the USB drive.

Hwi-Kyung & Song-Yi both confront Min-Joon about being Song-Yi's rescuer. Song-Yi's finances are falling apart. Jae-Kyung tries khổng lồ frame Min-Joon.

Min-Joon reveals his true self lớn Jae-Kyung before knocking hlặng out. Song-Yi's brother notices her crush on Min-Joon, who keeps coldly rebuffing her.

Song-Yi finds Min-Joon in his apartment bleeding from a serious head wound. Lawyer Jang arrives và warns Song-Yi not khổng lồ get attached lớn Min-Joon.

Song-yi finally learns Min-joon's secret. He also reveals that he'd wondered if Song-yi is the reincarnation of Yi-hwa, a girl he met 400 years ago.

Song-yi is in the emergency room after an "accident" engineered by Jae-kyung. Min-joon plans to take the blame for all of Jae-kyung's evil deeds.

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Min-joon confronts Jae-kyung about all the lives he's been destroying. Song-yi tells Min-joon lớn stay away from her, but he does quite the opposite.

Min-joon collapses after kissing Song-yi. Hwi-kyung awakes và pretends he knows nothing of Jae-kyung's schemes. Min-joon tells Song-yi he must leave.

Song-yi questions Min-joon's need to return to his planet. Min-joon, like Song-yi, is distraught at the prospect. Min-joon's powers keep glitching.

Min-joon says he won't leave sầu after all, but Song-yi doesn't know the real reason. Hwi-kyung finally confronts his Jae-kyung, rejecting hlặng as family.

Song-yi finds out about Min-joon's likely death if he stays on Earth. Both Hwi-kyung và Min-joon attempt lớn force Jae-kyung khổng lồ turn himself in.

Song-yi insists that Min-joon should return lớn his planet. Min-joon has dinner with Song-yi's family, and her mom learns he's an alien.

Min-joon professes his love sầu for Song-yi & then vanishes. Over time, Song-yi và others think they catch a glimpse of hlặng, but are they imagining it?

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