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Two friends' lives are changed forever when they are recruited by a top-secret organization tasked with protecting the country from foreign threats.

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Hyun-jun falls in love the moment he sees Seung-hee. But Seung-hee disappears, và he meets her again on his first day at work as an NSS agent.


Hyun-jun is unhappy that Seung-hee intentionally approached hlặng. As his boss, she doesn't treat hyên nicely, but he kisses her & they start dating.


Hyun-jun finds the priest who raised hlặng after his parents' death. He asks about his past, but hears nothing. He và Seung-hee go to lớn nhật bản together.


Baek San gives Hyun-jun a solo mission, which is to assassinate North Korea's top figure. Despite tightened security, Hyun-jun begins the mission.

Cheol-young and Sun-hwa are hot on Hyun-jun's trail. Without knowing Sa-woo is after Hyun-jun khổng lồ kill him, Seung-hee says she will help Sa-woo.

A mysterious person saves Hyun-jun from a jet crash. After recovering, Hyun-jun leaves Hungary, and Seung-hee finds it hard to accept his death.

During interrogation, Hyun-jun is told lớn assassinate a Yakuza trùm. The President secretly invites North Korea's top figure khổng lồ South Korea.

Seung-hee becomes obsessed with finding out if Hyun-jun is really dead. To make her accept his death, Sa-woo leaks nhái evidence, & she despairs.

Hyun-jun passes tests. Cheol-young lets him join his terrorist team and Hyun-jun prepares for an attaông xã. The NSS finds signs of possible terrorism.

Seung-hee arrives at the NSS late & meets masked Hyun-jun. While trying to protect her from terrorists, Hyun-jun gets shot by her...

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Hyun-jun is shocked to learn that Seung-hee is alive. From Baek San's tệp tin stolen from the NSS, he finds out that Baek San assassinated his parents.

The priest gets killed, and Hyun-jun và Sun-hwa leave the church. The 'voice' tells Hyun-jun about his parents và asks hlặng lớn stop a looming attaông chồng.

Sa-woo learns that Seung-hee disappeared with terrorists. He asks Baek San for help, saying she is in danger. Hyun-jun is forced to interrogate her.

Hyun-jun finds a clue in the last words of the 'voice.' He warns the President of a potential attachồng and of IRIS, & Sang-hyun grows suspicious.

Hyun-jun kidnaps Cheol-young who decides khổng lồ help hyên và Myung-ho prsự kiện the looming war in Korea. He reveals the truth about Gi-hoon's plan.

Hyun-jun và Sun-hwa find the bunker where nuclear warheads were assembled, and meet Seung-hee there. Seung-hee risks her life to save sầu Hyun-jun.

After stopping a terror attaông xã, Hyun-jun & Sun-hwa get interrogated. Hyun-jun is asked to get info about IRIS, and refuses to lớn return lớn the NSS.

Sa-woo và Baek San escape successfully. Sa-woo asks Baek San what the next plan is, & Baek San says an operation is under way to lớn stop the summit.

Tracking down the wine at Mi-jung's place, Hyun-jun finds the secret headquarters of IRIS. After infiltrating it successfully, he faces Baek San.

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The moment the heads of two Koreas take the podium, Seung-hee shoots snipers. After a shootout, terrorists come out of nowhere & Sun-hwa gets shot.

Lee Byung-hunKim Tae-heeJeong Jun-hoKim Young-cheolKyên ổn Seung-wooKyên ổn So-yeonYoon Joo-sangLee Jeong-kil