Diễn viên cẩm tú vị ương

A princess descended from a ruined noble family disguises herself as the woman who saved her life and embarks on a mission lớn avenge her loved ones.

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A princess of Liang is born in the time of the Northern and Southern dynasties. Years later, her father returns trang chính from his confinement.


The collapsed Xin'er is saved by the kind-hearted Li Wei Young, who lives her life in obscurity despite being the daughter of the noble Li Xiaoran.


Chiyun Rou controls the Li family with her arrogant daughter Changle. Wei Young surprises everyone at a birthday celebration for the grandmother.


Chiyun Rou feels Changle's position threatened and plots a devious trap for Wei Young by laying blame for all the misfortune at the estate upon her.

After being saved by the man running from killers, Wei Young is nursed baông chồng to lớn health, glad to lớn be reunited with Tuoba Jun who has now saved her twice.

Wei Young is baông chồng at the Li estate & glad to lớn see that her grandmother and mother are well. Tuobố Jun waits for her at the appointed place.

While attending a celebration along with Changle & Changru, Wei Young is reunited with Tuobố Jun but is shocked to learn his real identity.

Wei Young is worried she will be discovered when Li Minfeng gets his hands a portrait of the Liang princess. She sneaks inlớn his room to lớn retrieve sầu it.

Changle takes her anger out on Wei Young, thinking she is getting to lớn cthất bại too Tuobố Jun. Then Changle takes credit for Wei Young's relief plan.

Wei Young takes a risk by telling the Crown Princess that there is a problem with the plan, but Minfeng goes ahead with it, leading to lớn violence.

Minfeng and Changle are handed down punishment after Wei Young proves that it was she & not Changle who came up with the plan.

Wei Young vows revenge after Minfeng causes Ziyan to lớn meet her untimely kết thúc. She exposes his wrongdoing at a celebration held in her honor.

Revenge against Wei Young burns in Chiyun Rou's heart as she mourns her son Minfeng. She comes up with a plan after learning Wei Young's secret.

When Wei Young's identity is put to the chạy thử, she realizes it's the work of Chiyun Rou & tries khổng lồ outmaneuver her, but proof is brought against her.

Li Minde heads out lớn Zhengding in his uncle's stead. As Tuoba Di tags along with hyên ổn pretending to be a prince, they are followed.

Xiaoran thinks that Chiyun Rou concocted a story, but then seeing proof of her illness begins lớn doubt Wei Young và confines her khổng lồ quarters.

Tuoba Jun saves Wei Young from being killed in the niông xã of time, & tells everyone that the tín đồ is his. Later he declares his feelings lớn Wei Young.

Tuocha Yu tries to bring Wei Young khổng lồ his side after seeing her stand up to Tuoba Han, Changle & Changxi when they abuse Minde.

At a banquet for the Empress, Wei Young gives Li Changru the opportunity khổng lồ dance before the assembly, then performs with Tuotía Jun & Minde.

Minde has been attacked and it's not clear whether he is still alive. Zhou Xuemei realizes Chiyun Rou is behind it & places her hope in Wei Young.

Tuotía Di comes with Tuocha Jun khổng lồ the Li trang chính & visits Lady Zhou, while Tuoba Jun gently comforts Wei Young. Minde escapes death and returns home.

Minde tries to lớn kill Chiyun Rou to lớn avenge Lady Zhou. Wei Young and Jun Tao learn that Jun Tao's father Ming Shu và other Jiang vassals are in danger.

The Jiang vassals are released thanks lớn Tuobố Jun, but Chiyun Nan appears và slaughters them. Ming Shu escapes and later gives Wei Young a document.

The Emperor holds a hunting expedition & declares he will grant the top hunter one request. Meanwhile Changru plots khổng lồ ruin Changle's reputation.

Wei Young wants lớn win the hunting conthử nghiệm so she can reveal Chiyun Nan's treason to the Emperor. Tuobố Jun goes missing on the final day of the hunt.

Wei Young exits the scene so Tuobố Jun will not know that she helped him. Changle climbs down inkhổng lồ the pit và lies that she is Jun's savior.

Tuocha Jun comes to lớn the rescue when Wei Young is bemix by Chiyun Nan's men & chased lớn a precipice, but Wei Young does not want to lớn get hyên ổn involved.

With her sights on Tuobố Jun, Changle finds favor with the Crown Princess. Wei Young has nothing to hide from Tuobố Jun as they declare their love.

While Tuotía Jun is caught in a dilemma with talk of marriage to lớn Changle, the Emperor decides on an arranged marriage for Wei Young to avoid conflict.

Tuoba Jun earns the wrath of the Emperor & is stripped of his title for going after Wei Young, who is assaulted by the Song envoy near the border.

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Tuobố Yu follows Wei Young as she heads for Huatai, which is encircled by the Song army. Wei Young is reunited with Tuobố Jun after her plan succeeds.

Tuoba Jun recovers from his comatose state thanks to Wei Young's tender care. Changru feels anger và sorrow because of Wei Young's gift to Tuocha Yu.

Wei Young suspects foul play behind Tuoba Jun's injury when Tuotía Yu is honored instead of hyên. She later receives a letter that startles her.

The Crown Princess is killed while Wei Young is out following the cryptic letter. Wei Young gets accused, và even Tuobố Jun begins lớn doubt her.

Wei Young proves her innocence và lays Chiyun Nan's guilt bare before the Emperor, who forces her khổng lồ give sầu up on both her revenge và Tuotía Jun.

After receiving a warm reception from the Emperor, Tuotía Yu learns about Changru's plot while he was away và is asked by Tuocha Jun to lớn help Wei Young.

Wei Young, now a servant, is shocked lớn hear that Jun will take Changle as his bride. Even worse, she is forced khổng lồ attend the ceremony.

After removing Tuocha Jun from the succession fight, Tuocha Yu plots against Tuocha Han. Jun looks into his mother's death and begins to suspect Changle.

A poisoned needle is discovered in the clothing of the Empress. Wei Young is falsely accused & given three days to lớn prove sầu her innocence.

Wei Young cleverly reveals the real culprit và is then put in charge of the other msida as a reward. Tuotía Jun continues to hide his feelings.

The Emperor strips Tuoba Han of his title & puts hyên inlớn confinement when his sins are revealed. Wei Young has doubts that Changle killed Baizhi.

A delegation from the Khanate arrives. Minde comes before the Emperor with his sister & Jiao, who proposes a marriage between the Khan và Tuobố Di.

Princess Anle sees Wei Young as her sworn enemy. When the toàn thân of the princess is later found down a well, Wei Young falls under suspicion.

Tuobố Jun appears before Wei Young, who will be killed in three days time, & tells her everything. Wei Young realizes how he had been protecting her.

Wei Young is picked by the Emperor to lớn be his lady-in-waiting và spends time with Tuocha Jun while Changru is held at the palace until she gives birth.

Minde is badly wounded by Tuobố Yu after infiltrating the military office, but heads lớn the palace and saves Wei Young from poison without her knowing.

The Emperor is displeased with Wei Young for setting Tuocha Jun & Tuocha Yu against each other. Changru tells Changle about her husband's rendezvous.

When Changu's plot against Wei Young is revealed she is sentenced lớn be killed after giving birth. Tuobố Jun receives a letter about his father.

In Wei Young's investigation of Zhong Zheng's murder she searches his manor và finds a secret room, only lớn become trapped inside with Tuobố Yu.

Tuocha Jun discovers that Tuotía Yu was pulling the strings behind Zhong Zheng's murder. He uses Changle lớn draw out the culprit Chiyun Nan.

Tuotía Jun goes with Wei Young baông chồng lớn the manor to investigate và finds evidence of his father's innocence, which he reports khổng lồ the Emperor.

Tuobố Yu holds the Li family hostage và forces Wei Young lớn lie about the Emperor's choice of heir. Tuotía Jun is arrested for treason and tortured.

Convinced that Tuoba Jun has lost his mind, Tuoba Yu lets him go. Changle plans lớn have sầu Changru take the blame for poisoning Wei Young.

After giving Wei Young the only antidote pill, Tuotía Jun coughs up blood và collapses. Changru appears with sword in h& và moves toward Wei Young.

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